Founded in 2008,
MIRROS provides local and regional clients across diverse industries with creative communication solutions.

We are confident about the quality and value of our services on the basis of our experience in:
  • Serving a portfolio of high profile clients
  • Utilizing an extensive network of media relationships
  • Following market dynamics to anticipate trends and identify hot issues
  • Creating and delivering effective communication strategies for private and public sector clients
  • Developing effective communication tools from paper-based to online material
  • Advising our clients on the mix of media channels to use for communication (TV, radio, print, social media)
  • Copywriting and designing for general and niche audiences
  • Managing large-scale corporate events across diverse industries
Our mission at MIRROS is to make sure that our client gets the visibility it needs with the right audience. We are committed to make our working methods personalized and well-coordinated to ensure a successful collaboration and results. 

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