Skoun, Lebanese Addiction Center’s Annual Gala Dinner was held at Abroyan Factory in Bourj Hammoud organized by Caractère (Alain Hadifé & Danielle Mallat). Attendees came decked in outfits inspired by the late 1960s to fully experience the energy of this year’s theme: Pop Art. The party really got started later in the same venue at the Lolli-Pop Room with DJs Ayla, Charbel Habr, Jana Saleh and Niiice Cream spinning groovy hits. The décor and details captured the inspiration, dynamism, colors and spirit of the art of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and James Rosenquist. 600 guests came together at this vital fundraiser as a strong show of support for Skoun’s important work in assisting people to overcome drugs and addiction.

“This event helps Skoun save lives every day. We genuinely thank every company and person who is here with us tonight. Given Lebanon’s growing drug and addiction problem, this fundraiser, while a huge success, provides partial funding. There’s always the on-going need for the support of the community to keep moving forward,” highlighted Nadya Mikdashi, Skoun’s Executive Director and co-founder during the dinner. In fact, the gala dinner covers 45% of Skoun’s annual budget and 80% of this is directly channeled into our treatment services and prevention programs. And yet the demand for Skoun’s life altering services is only growing.

“The past three years we have seen a marked increase in demand for Skoun’s support services. In 2015 alone, we helped over 430 people. We also extend our support to the patients’ family members since they also are affected by addiction in their family. We focus on prevention by raising awareness in schools and in society at large,” revealed Sarah Trad, Skoun’s President of the Board and co-founder.

For 14 years, Skoun has been helping hundreds of individuals and families to overcome addiction problems though its centers in Beirut and Chiyah which offer free individual and group counseling, family support and medically assisted treatment and legal support.
The numbers speak for themselves. Last year Skoun provided 3,641 therapy sessions, 900 psychiatric consultations, and 55 family support groups and legal aid to over 65 people in our the treatment program. More importantly the effectiveness of Skoun’s treatment program gives patients more than a 70% success rate of reaching their goals within a 9-month timeframe.

Through its prevention department Skoun reached over 9200 young people in 2015, connecting with 450 parents, teachers and caregivers, and trained 109 professionals who in turn are actively spreading the message of prevention.
All these efforts truly result in saving lives and educating the youth. The positive impact is real but it can be even more powerful and wide spread when more people contribute to Skoun and spread the word about its meaningful work. Together we can bring hope, life and health to individuals and families in Lebanon.

A heartfelt thank you goes to everyone, and specially the board members, who pulled together to make this fundraiser a success.

Silver Sponsors: Bankmed, Dar Al Handasa, Fondation Ousseimi, Magrabi Optical, SGBL

Bronze Sponsors: Banque Audi, Banque Libano-Francaise, Chalhoub Foundation, Fattal, Fransabank, Al Mawarid Bank, Sannine, Tabbah, United Commercial Assurance.

Contributors: Aziz, CARACTERE, Caustik, Dar El Founoun, The Department, Diageo, Diffa, Faqra Catering, The Farm, Ghorayeb Technotel, Jimmy Francis, MIRROS, Pandora's, Printworks, The Tipplers

About Skoun, Lebanese Addictions Center 
Skoun, founded in 2003, has grown to become a leader in providing treatment and support for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in Lebanon. We are a non-profit, non-governmental Lebanese organization and the first outpatient therapeutic facility in Lebanon that offers prevention and treatment services.
We currently operate through centers in Achrafieh and Chiyah and focus our work on providing support in areas of drug treatment, prevention and policy.
Twitter: @skoun_beirut
Instagram: @skoun_beirut

Posted on: Nov 18, 2016