Skoun, Lebanese Addictions Center, held its annual fundraiser under the theme “The Roaring Twenties” - at Blockhaus to support their ongoing work in addiction treatment and drug prevention.

In the presence of more than 800 guests, the event, this year, was a totally new take on how fundraisers are organized thanks to CARACTERE by Alain Hadife and Studio Safar creative input.

“Skoun works to make addiction a mainstream health issue, and, as such, advocacy is integrated in every aspect of work. Moreover, the benefits of the model on which Skoun is built is that it allows for us to enroll many people in need of our services and provide individualized treatment plans for their varying needs,” said Nadya Mikdashi, Skoun’s Executive Director and co-founder. She added “Skoun is playing a vital role in addressing drug and addiction issues in Lebanon. Our approach is multifaceted in that we provide treatment services to those that have addiction problems, we work to prevent the onset of drug use amongst youth, and we work on the national level to improve drug laws and policies.”

Hundreds of individuals each year seek out Skoun for help. In 2014, 475 people were enrolled in the treatment centers in Beirut and Chiyah, where services are offered free of charge, allowing for people from all walks of life to benefit from counseling, psychiatry, medical and legal support.

Skoun drug prevention programs reached over 7700 young people in schools and universities, and communities all across Lebanon.

Sarah Trad, President of the Board and co-founder, thanked Skoun’s sponsors and donors, highlighting the importance of their support and contribution particularly during these difficult times. She stated: “The gala dinner covers 40% of Skoun’s annual budget; out of which 80% goes into direct service delivery including treatment service and prevention programs.”

In this year’s Gathering Extraordinaire, Skoun’s guests were treated to an experience taking them back to the 1920s.
They wandered through the “Cabinet of Curiosities” where they discovered the most eclectic designs, carefully selected by Hoda Baroudi and Maria Ousseimi, and specially made and donated by artists and designers for Skoun.
A photo booth was set by Roger Moukarzel for the occasion, where he captured the guests in their most dazzling costumes.

The fundraiser was followed by an after-party that revived the 1920s “Harlem Cotton Club” promoted by Jimmy Francis.  

A heartfelt thank you goes to everyone, and specially the board members, who pulled together to make this fundraiser a success.

Silver Sponsors: Bankmed, Dar Al Handasa, Fondation Ousseimi, Magrabi Optical, SGBL

Bronze Sponsors: ABI Construction, Banque Audi, Banque Libano-Française, Fattal, Fransabank, Minocongo, Sannine, Strategy&, Solidere, Tabbah

Cabinet of Curiosities
Items by: Johnny Farah, Maria Ousseimi, Art Factum Gallery, Elie Saab, Iwan Maktabi, Orient 499, Nada Debs for Selim Mouzannar, Vintage, Vanina, Dinakamal DK01, Macle Jewel Collective, Rasha Nawam and Marilyn Massoud, Karim Chaya, Najla El Zein, Wyssem Nochi/On-Off, .PSLab, Ghassan Zard, Decoration Elie Gharzouzi, Found Objects, Bokja, U Energy Boutique Health Club, Jennifer Shorto, Marco Pinarelli, Joe Kesrouani, Lamia Maria Abillama/Galerie Tanit, Joumana Jamhouri, Galerie XXème siècle, Lamia Ziade, Ginette, Bassoul Heneine, Over The Counter, Fragrances Hubert Fattal, Choux à la Crème, May Daouk, Gray Gardens Beirut

Contributors: Aziz, CARACTERE, Dar El Founoun, Diageo, Studio Safar, Diffa, DJ Caline Chidiac, DJ Chabz, Faqra Catering, Jimmy Francis, Iron Heyoka, Printworks, Ghorayeb Technotel, Roger Moukarzel, MIRROS

About Skoun, Lebanese Addictions Center 
Skoun, Lebanese Addictions Center established in 2003, helps people with addiction problems reclaim their lives by providing a nonjudgmental, caring environment of client-centered treatment.
In addition, Skoun prioritizes the education of young people and the community to prevent drug misuse and promote wellbeing.
Skoun is also very active in the field of drug policy reform in order to ensure drug users in recovery have access to their basic human rights from healthcare to legal justice.
Twitter: @skoun_beirut
Instagram: @skoun_beirut