Teach a Child celebrated another beautiful gala dinner in the picturesque garden of Sursock palace on Thursday, June 20th among its supporters and friends to share the year’s achievements and fundraise to ensure the continuity of its mission: Education.

The annual event, which gathered more than 400 guests, including VIPs and members of the media, was animated with entertainment and an auction for unique art pieces. It was an opportunity for the members of the organization to communicate the results of their dedicated work. 
Zeina El Khalil, Teach a Child’s president said, “Thanks to the generosity of our donors, sponsors and supporters, we have been able to increase the number of students we assist, and help them draw a path to financial independence and building a better future for themselves, their families and their community.”

Teach a Child was set up in 2011 with the aim of ensuring every child in Lebanon has access to education and is given ‘The Right to a Better Future’.
It supports students from underprivileged families across the country in schools, high schools, vocational institutions and universities by funding not only registration and school fees, but also covering costs of uniforms, books and transportation to help prevent them from dropping out of school for financial reasons.

Teach a Child has enrolled in the past academic year 1341 students in educational institutions at an average cost of $400 per student per year. Among the students spread all over Lebanon, 917 are in schools, 214 in high schools, 127 in vocational institutions and 83 attending universities. The total number of students has increased from last year with the number of university students increasing by nearly 85% and the need to serve more misfortunate children is still growing. 

Maya Es-Said, Teach a Child’s communication manager added that in the coming years, new and continuous contributions would help the organization achieve its targets, which include expanding geographically to serve untapped areas of Lebanon and more children in need. “We are also especially committed to helping students looking to embark onto the next stage of their educational journey at university or in vocational institutions to
obtain relevant degrees that ensure access to the job market to eventually sustain themselves and help their families. We believe that education is key to a brighter future for our children and our society,” she said. “None of our work would be possible without the commitment & support of our donors, partners and sponsors who are undoubtedly giving today’s students the best tools for tomorrow in the form of an education.” Teach a Child therefore also  lobbies for the effective implementation of the law on compulsory education to fight child labour and abuse.

About Teach a Child
Teach a Child is a non-profit organization established in 2011 by a group of volunteers sharing one goal: Education. Today, the NGO comprises 22 active members who all dedicate their time and expertise to promote this common cause. Teach a Child identifies disadvantaged children by connecting with governmental bodies such as the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, schools principals, community stakeholders, activists and mayors, as well as other NGOs & individuals and an open door policy for self-applicants. Teach a Child acts to ensure that underprivileged children are enrolled in schools and covers all expenses related to their education including registration, imposed parents’ committee fees, books, stationery, uniforms and transportation.
Strongly believing that no child should be left at the risk of illiteracy,
Teach a Child goals are to: Educate every deprived child in Lebanon, maintain the support for our current students, expand funding to increase the support for university and vocational education & advocate for compulsory education in Lebanon.

Sponsors, Partners, and Contributors
Platinum Sponsors: BLOM, Sweet Grip, Emirates Lebanon Bank, 180 Capital
Gold Sponsors: Pepsi, Dar, Beirut Digital District, Saad Holding, Kempinski-Summerland Hotel, BOB Finance, Zahar, Ahmad & Sirine Abou Ghazaleh 
Silver Sponsors: Crown Flour Mills, MAK Holding, Cumberland

Poated on: June 21, 2019