Under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Maqamat is getting ready to open, on April 4th, its largest cultural project "Citerne Beirut", simultaneously with the launching of the 15th edition of BIPOD- Beirut International Platform of Dance from April 4 to 13.
“Citerne Beirut” is a creative space and a new cultural center for performing arts in the capital. It aims at producing local and international contemporary performances and holding training courses and workshops for youth and children, including dance, music, theater and other artistic expressions. “Citerne Beirut” aspires to be a unique cultural space that proposes a modern and contemporary artistic conversation and to create a space that reflects the ideas of this city and its people, and show its cultural richness.

Commenting ahead of the upcoming event, Maqamat Founder, Choreographer and Artistic Director Omar Rajeh said, "From touring internationally to creating BIPOD, the first international dance festival in Lebanon, and now to a unique cultural venue in the heart of Beirut, Maqamat is always pushing boundaries and we will never rest. At least as long as it is needed.” And he added, “Beirut has a new home for culture that is needed to rethink the performing arts scene in Lebanon.”

BIPOD returns in its 15
th edition with a mesmerizing program of international and local performances. In its previous editions, the festival has witnessed spectacular successes and emerged as one of the most important dance festivals in Lebanon and the region. This year, BIPOD hosts a full range of activities and focuses on the Lebanese dance scene and presenting internationally acclaimed Lebanese artist that are enriching and developing the local contemporary dance scene.

“After 15 years of work, perseverance, and effort, we are proud of the achievements of the festival, its great contribution to establishing and developing a contemporary dance scene in Lebanon with a wide and strong international presence and network. We have great confidence in the loyal audience of the festival. We share with them the ambition and desire to see a cultural and artistic scene that brings back to Beirut its pioneering and cultural role and inspires hope and awareness in the city,” said BIPOD Artistic Director Mia Habis.

BIPOD 2019 kicks off with the Lebanese premiere of the acclaimed performance #minaret by Omar Rajeh | Maqamat, which premiered at the 33
rd edition of ‘Romaeuropa Festival’, one of the largest festivals in Italy. #Minaret was presented in Germany, Bulgaria, and Poland and will be touring internationally throughout 2019/20.

In the context of artistic performances, BIPOD will dedicate a space to global art, through hosting renowned international dance companies from Spain, Australia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, France and Germany. It also provides an opportunity for the most influencing and emerging Lebanese dance artists today, before resuming its annual artistic and training program.

This edition includes workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions, and the attendance of theatre directors and programmers of international festivals. Together, these activities aim at enriching the event and providing an opportunity for participants to exchange views and establish greater cooperation and artistic exchange.

Over the years, and since its creation in 2002, Maqamat has become a trust-worthy reference for local and international artists and audience. Promoting Beirut as a center of contemporary dance in the Arab world, Maqamat has created an inclusive experience which brings together a plethora of voices from all over the globe and from all walks of life. The many projects organized by Maqamat, the ability to invite very well-known international companies performing for the first time in the region while producing, presenting and encouraging works by local artists, have been continuously uniting cities while always creating a long awaited and positive atmosphere within the capital and abroad.

The eighth edition of Moultaqa Leymoun will take place during BIPOD 2019. It is a platform that showcases and promotes the work of emerging and established Lebanese and Arab choreographers, by giving them the opportunity to meet with directors of international festivals. It will host around 18 choreographers and dancers from Lebanon, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, and Iran. This year, Moultaqa Leymoun will have a major focus on Lebanese artists presenting their work and future projects.

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