Teach For Lebanon (TFL) membersgathered to celebrate education champions that are committed to support qualityeducation and youth leadership in Lebanon. The event took place at LeGray hotel in Beirut, in the presence of the organization’s esteemedboard members and supporters.

This event was also anopportunity for donors to reiterate their support to the organization.

TFL relies on generous funding fromits supporters to run formal and non-formal education projects that aim to addressimportant social development issues and improve the learning outcomes of thestudents by expanding their horizons and visions. The projects included butwere not limited to: improving English literacy and employability skills,raising awareness about gender-based violence, improving social cohesion,providing access to e-learning and promoting volunteerism among Lebanon’syouth.

On this occasion, TeachFor Lebanon CEO Salyne El Samarani stated: “Teach for Lebanon is much more thansending educators into classrooms, it is a community working relentlesslywithin the ecosystem of the child to embody and teach values, take care oftheir well-being, promote excellence in education and empower the nextgeneration of future Lebanese leaders”.

Diaa Hommos, a participantof the TFL Fellowship program added: “For a period of two years, I was ateacher at Ana Aqraa Association in Aita Al Fakhar. As a teachingFellow, I tried to show my students that regardless of their circumstances orbackground, they can work on becoming leaders who think of sustainable ways tocreate a positive impact on their communities. After my fellowship ended, Idecided to remain in the field of education and continue with Ana Aqraaand my work with the refugees”.

Richard Alam, a previous participant to theprogram also added: "Our Fellows should not only teach languages, math andhistory, they should also teach values like empathy, resilience and love; andthey do. The uniqueness of this two-year journey is that it creates a longlasting impact on both the students and the Fellows."

Over a period of ten years, TFL hasemployed 149 Fellows who have impacted the lives of over 30,000disadvantaged children in 63 schools throughout the region. This has beenaccomplished through various partnerships with public and private sectors, fromlocal and international cooperation’s inclusive of individual support. With a strong foundationand model which have proven successful over the years, the organization plansto scale in the future to reach a higher number of students.

Teach ForLebanon is a Lebanese NGO working as part of the51-nation global education network Teach For All(TFAll). Themodel of Teach For Lebanon is an education innovation that focuses on youthcapacity building to provide quality intervention and systemic support forstudents. TFL employs and trains some of Lebanon’s best graduates, “TFLFellows”, and places them in public and free schools serving underprivilegedrefugee and Lebanese children. The Fellows receive on-going training andsupport to address educational disadvantages by providing transformationalteaching that places their students on a path of academic success. Fellows alsoserve as communityambassadors as they combat educational and social inequalities in the schools,in the local community and throughout the region.

This event was made possible thanks to the generoussupport of the Facebook Community Leadership Program.