BIPOD 2020 | Architecture of a ruined body

Mia Habis & Omar Rajeh, directors of BIPOD, opened this year’s edition, which takes place in special circumstances and times, through addressing the audience of BIPOD in Lebanon. For the first time the festival was not organized in Beirut. It took place from the city of Lyon that embraced their work and welcomed them through its different cultural institutions. The festival was live streamed in real time from six different cities and proposed, in addition to the live performances, a program of videos, conversations and talks.

Acknowledging that the first gesture of architectural space is to welcome our human body by offering it a space to live in and a concept to live by, ‘Architecture of a ruined body’ is the main theme for BIPOD 2020 edition; a series of performances, talks, interviews and conversations questioning the body in moments of crisis and disasters, questioning its remaining possibilities, vulnerabilities, resilience or revolt, and simply its being.

BIPOD 2020 in collaboration with Les Subsistances in Lyon, streamed in real time on digital platform and took place from Geneva, Tehran, Madrid, Toulouse, Berlin, and Beirut.

There were two days of performances, talks and conversations from Beirut focusing on the current situation and ways to secure a threatened cultural scene. is an interdisciplinary digital performance space aimed at exploring a new artistic medium, rethinking the performing arts scene, and engaging itself in building a longterm strategy for its development and productivity. It proposes an artistic program embracing an urgent discussion about the future and politics of performance-making and forms of presentations. Moreover, it aims to host creators, performers, writers, visual artists, researchers, and philosophers that are engaged in formulating a critical discourse against domination and inequality.