Ars longa, vita brevis; translated art lives long, life is short, and hope makes our journey always better!

Keeping up with its love of art and building on the resilience that characterises Beirut and its people, Le Gray wanted to allow artists to express their resilience through art. At the same time, Le Gray wanted to send a message of hope from Martyrs’ Square the capital’s beating heart that witnessed the shout of a nation seeking a better tomorrow.

HOPE TAKES SHAPE WITH ART is an initiative born after the Beirut Port explosion when Le Gray, Beirut had all its façade windows and doors broken and has had to cover it with a metallic fence. This fence came out very black, unlike its interior full of colours and life, resplendent with beautiful moments that had to momentarily freeze due to massive damages as a result of the blast. This is where the inspiration to let art give shape to hope originated and then the idea became a reality when three graffiti artists; Alfred Badr @apocaleps, Spaz @spazuno and Exist Ai @exist_ai put their creativity into beautiful forms and colours to send a positive message to the world.

“HOPE TAKES SHAPE WITH ART is an initiative that pays tribute to art, to artists, to culture, to Beirut, its heritage, its soul and its people. It is a shout out to say we are here to stay!” says Georges Ojeil, Area General Manager for Le Gray, Beirut and Campbell Gray Living and Hotel Amman.

MIRROS Communication is collaborating with this initiative as part of its project #RevivingBeirut through Arts and Culture whose mission is to support Lebanon’s devastated arts and culture industry as a result of the Beirut blast on August 4, 2020.